To Find The Real Beauty

adjust your monitor brightness and contrast to see all gray scale levels for better view   Do not judge anyone form their appearance! Just look into them and you will find the real beauty lies within.

   [Ceylon Blue Oakleaf / Kallima philarchus - Wingspan : 85-110 mm (Endemic to Sri Lanka)]

   Location : Sinharaja Forest Reserve


  1. Hi, really beautuful capture.. this butterfly is great..
    Wish you a nice weekend :)

  2. love the angle of the shot and the texture of the leaf.butterfly do u get all these shots?may be i have to make a trip to your home garden.

  3. Deje,
    Thank you for your comment. Wish you a nice weekend too :D

    Thanks for the comment.

    Thanks for the comment. This is not my home garden MD. I snapped this while I was visiting the “Sinharaja rainforest”. If you check the labels on my post you can see where that I have taken each and every photo.

    How I took this pic? If you check my previous post I photographed it from the left side of this critter. Since the light and the clear background it looks more bright and colorful. But to get this angle I had to move in front of it. Since I move in front I get the trees behind as my background and it was too dark too. That’s how I ended up with this pitch black background.

    It will be great. You are always welcome to visit my home garden =D if you are coming down here just let me know. I will be your tour guide ;)

    PS: in my next post you will see how it looks from the bottom :D (not on the same tree but the one opposite to this tree where he’s resting now)

  4. fantastic shot! looks as if taken in a studio with the dark background...
    how close were you to the butterfly when you took this?
    and this one is supposed to be an uncommon species ! great find :)

  5. Thanks for your comment Silent,

    I was like 5-6 feet away from it and it was staying like 1 feet above my eye level too (somewhere like 7 feet from the ground) . Yep, this is something very special :D

  6. What a wonderful capture. I like the combination of lights and shadows very much. Your home garden must be a wonderful place...

  7. Thanks for your lovely comment Frieda.

    I’m really sorry for confusing you all by chucking in “Home Garden” snaps with the “Sinharaja Rainforest” series. To make it more clear I’m going to add the location tag in every post hereon :D

  8. Thanks for the comment K,

    Ya, but wish I had a chance to see a full view of it.