Chicken Run??

adjust your monitor brightness and contrast to see all gray scale levels for better view   No, it’s “Swamphen” run … ;)

   [Purple Swamphen / Porphyrio porphyrio]
   Location : Kelanimulla


  1. did you scare those chicks off ;) ?
    nice composition and interesting crop !

  2. Thanks for dropping by Silent.

    Yes, I did and I can’t help it either .. ;) (No no! they didn’t even notice that I was there cos I shot this from my relatives garden :D)

    This is pretty much like the original pic. I did remove a bit from the left of the snap, like 10% of the entire pic.

  3. Nice photo,how did you get the upper half of it blurry with the hen's head still sharp in it?

  4. beautiful!love the light falling on its head and the bright green grass.hey,high time u changed ur job :-)

  5. Thanks for the comments Amila & MD,

    I used aperture f5.6 and focused on the bird while taking this snap. As you can see the distance of the two birds (even the grass behind) did the trick here.

    You don’t need to have a DSLR to achieve this, most of the compact P&S cams got this feature too.

    Check this link about DOF(Depth of field) for more info ( or just do a search you will get more technical tutorials)

    Hope this helps ….

    Don’t know about changing jobs, but I know it’s high time for me to find one … lol

  6. That's a fantastic picture. You captured their motion very well...

  7. @Amila,
    You are welcome!

    I think is not a type of korawakka.

    This is what I found in Wiki about these two species.

    White-breasted Waterhen (Korawakka)

    Purple Swamphen

    Thanks for your feedback.

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