adjust your monitor brightness and contrast to see all gray scale levels for better view   When I first saw it, I felt it’s so beautiful and pure like you, but later I realized it’s the doomsday for me… :(

   PS : I did gave it a slight touch in Photoshop


  1. That would make a gorgeous painting.

  2. love the image captain. where is this?

    Jayaruwan -

  3. Fantastic! Looks like you ata high elevation?

    පෙබරවාරි මාසෙ කොහෙ හරි යමුද?

  4. Thank you all for your comments.

    Thanks, if you want a copy, I can send you a higher resolution one :)

    I took this from my rooftop and this is @ 300mm.

    Yep it was.

    මාත් මේ අහන්න කියලා හැදුවේ. හරි යමු! කෝල් එකක් දීලා කතා කරගමු.

  5. Fantastic. It looks like a painting!

  6. Thanks for the comment Frieda.

    I’m glad that you like it!

  7. ahh great. most people are afraid to shoot landscapes at higher focal lengths, so they miss out a lot of details.

    thanks for dropping by. I added you to my blogroll btw :)

    Jayaruwan -

  8. Beautiful like a painting!!
    hey,you okay??

  9. @Dejemonos,
    Thanks for your comment.

    Yeah true,

    Thanks for adding me buddy. I tried to add a blog roll here, but with my template its bit difficult. Anyways lets me give it a try again and see :D

    Hey, thanks for checking. I’m doing perfectly ok dear :D

  10. welcome :) I have no experience with blogspot. I'm still having trouble with mine as I'm using my own domain and wordpress template lol. blogspot doesn't even let me add my URL. it says not recognized or something. but with some blogs it works fine. oh well. no biggie :)

    do you have experience with Sigma or Tamron? I'm thinking of buying the Sigma 70-300mm f/4-5.6 APO DG Macro. Canon's 70-300mm (USM IS version) which I guess you are using, is kind of too expensive for me. Tamron has several lenses in the 70-300mm range but their terminology is too confusing. I did find a glossary, but it's still hard to make a decision. Sigma lens doesn't have IS (or OS as they prefer to call it) but it has a macro feature. it's not real macro. just 1:2. the other option is to buy the Canon's 55-250mm which I was using. I get IS but no Macro. it's in the same price range. damn hard to make a decision :(

    btw, there's a photography competition, PSA recognized one. German International DVF-Photocup. look into it if you are interested. there's a 500 Euro cash prize ;)

    Jayaruwan -

  11. Thats a wonderful sky...actually i dont recall seeing clouds illuminated from within, like the ones in your pic. looks as if the sun has come so close that it is engulfed by the cloud.
    Dooms day for real!!! :O

    Btw, why sad face buddy ?

  12. @Jayaru1,
    Nop, never used a Sigma or Tamron. But I know they do a pretty good job as well. Especially when it’s come to how light it’s going to feel in your pocket :D

    Yes, I have a canon 70-300mm IS USM. This Sigma lens looks pretty good too (as per the reviews) but I have one doubt cos it got a Nikon mount (again as per the specification give in the review page). So if you have a Canon body you better check that out.

    Macro is something nice to have with, but IS does play a major role too (mainly in the long end of the lens. We don’t get to use the tripod / beanbags etc all the time ne). So its kind a flip your coin or go with your heart situation here… ;)

    Thanks for the info about the competition. I’ll have a look (this could be the 1st competition that I’m going to submit my snaps :)

    Thank for your comment. As I said I took this @ 300mm and this is a very small section of a huge cloud. That’s why this pic got a light coming under or inside kind an effect.

    Thanks for your kind consideration :) I just added the face there ..nothing serious ok =D

    If I ever need a psychiatrist I know where to look :P

  13. well the Sigma makes lenses for Canon too. Now I'm having doubt whether I should go Sigma or Tamron. Apparently Sigma's quality is better in 70-200mm range but becomes soft after 200mm. Tamron maintains the same quality throughout the entire range. Judging by the flickr results, I'd say Sigma is better quality.

    Currently thinking of the Sigma 70-300mm f/4-5.6 APO DG Macro and the Tamron 70-300mm f/4-5.6 Di LD. The Tamron is few $$$ less. My cousin said some Sigma lenses have back focusing issues. will let you know what I go with.

    yup go ahead and submit some of your images to the competition. it's $30 per entry I guess. we all have to start somewhere :) I submitted some to another competition. that was my first. waiting for results.