Let The Fight Begin!

adjust your monitor brightness and contrast to see all gray scale levels for better view   It’s going to be one challenging year ahead . . .



What an action packed image!

Wow! Great shot!

(Hope they didn't kill one another..)

Anjana said...

Thanks for the comments K and Mahasen,

Yes, it was just about 2mins fight and they flew away safely after.

I don’t know whether this is the fighting season for them. Cos I observed 2 similar cases already …. :D

must be fighting for girlfriend :-)

Jayaru1 said...

that's probably their mating ritual ;) hopefully our government won't ban them from doing their "duties" in public coz it's sure gonna look bad on our "cultural moral values" :D


Anjana said...

Yes, must be .. ;)

Maybe, but I saw they almost going to kill one too.

Hehe! I won’t be surprised even if that happens. :D

Thanks for dropping by MD & Jayaru1.

WOW ! well timed capture and lets one see what actually happens in those messy fights :) did you take multiple pics here?

love this new watermark...almost hidden but covering the whole picture. how did you get it?

too many questions...guess you wont mind answering :)

O yeah!! I noticed the watermark now!!
Heard your govt has banned mini skirts :-)

Anjana said...

Thanks for your lovely comment.

Yes I did, but this is the only pic came out nicely. :D

Ahh great! You noticed it ha? hehe I was waiting to get some comments on that. Good to know it's not much of a distraction then. :) I did it in Photoshop and I can help you on that for sure.

Please do send me a mail to anjanaonphotography@gmail.com It’s my pleasure answer all of your questions. =D

Now you noticed it? :P please give your feedback on that. Is it ok for me to continue with that watermark?

Hahaha! Now that’s a nice question … lol yes, they have done it ( I guess) ..:D

If you can find me few buyers for miniskirts I can start an exporting business. Miniskirts go very cheap here these days …. =D

Hi Anjana,
The watermark looks really good.The fact that i didn't notice it at first means that it isn't interfering with the picture.That's good,right?

Oh my,this shot is a real gem! What a moment to capture! If you could make a video clip if this fight and edited with a low frame rate, it would look like a scene from "The Matrix"! :-)

Anjana said...

Thanks for your feedback. Yep, I guess it’s a good thing then :D

Thanks for your comment.
Ahh! Matrix … but unfortunately I don’t have any other good pics of this fight :(

Jayaru1 said...

well if one almost got killed, they are pretty much like humans, aren't they? lol

Anjana said...

Still, I think these lil birdies are 1000 times better than humans :D

Jayaru1 said...

I hear ya!