No, I Ain't Gonna Cry

adjust your monitor brightness and contrast to see all gray scale levels for better view   Location : Home Garden


ha ha!very unusual topic for a snap!
love it.

Frieda said...

What a wonderful portait.
Here are some animal portraits that you might like, too...:
They were taken by the "right shadow" in my picture...

Nice one,Anjana!

Anjana said...

Thanks for your comment.

Yes, maybe because it’s a way too common subject that we get around and no one bother to take snaps ;)

Thanks for your comment.

Thanks for the link. Wow! Your “right shadow” is a great photographer ha?

Btw I didn’t shoot this pic in a studio :D what you see in the background is the sky ;)

Thanks bro.

Seesaw said...

oh this is just heartbreaking. for some reason, cows have the most sadly beautiful eyes.

Frieda said...

Hey Anjana, Valentin is a professional photographer :-)
He took the portraits of the birds in a garden, too - but he had help with the background and the flash...

Anjana said...

Thanks for your comment.

Yes, if you look closely you will see most of the animals got innocent looking eyes(Eg: check the elephants). But it goes unnoticed to us in most of the cases.

Ahh! ok cool

Now I have a clue about the helper as well (something related to that left shadow right?) .. lol

This is a great photo! Nice composition!

Frieda said...

Hey, it's me again...
unfortunately, the help wasn't me, I was working far away (the helpers were the owners of the animals and some friends :-)

Anjana said...

Thanks for your comment mate.

Hi again ;) Haha ok!

yes, I think cows have the most beautiful eyes very expressive and pretty :)

Anjana said...

Alright! I have another pic, you might going to change your mind then … lol

As always thanks for visiting, Silent!