Wish You A Colourful New Year 2011!

adjust your monitor brightness and contrast to see all gray scale levels for better view   [Sri Lanka Blue Magpie/ Urocissa Ornata - Endemic to Sri Lanka]
   Location : Sinharaja Forest Reserve


  1. Wsihing you the same,Anjana!
    Beautiful blue magpie!

  2. Beautiful!
    Happy New Year, Anjana!

  3. How beautiful! My eyes have not been lucky yet to spot one these yet. Wish you a very happy new year,mate!

  4. Thanks Amila,

    I should thank our guide for that. He did a birdcall and it worked :D

  5. What a beauty!
    Happy New Year to you - I'm looking forward to see many colourful pictures taken by you :)

  6. Wsihing you the same, machan!
    Super capture of the blue magpie!

  7. wonderful as always !
    this is sri lanka Kahibella...could have done with a better name though and maybe thats why he is in hiding :D
    actually how many days did you stay in Sinharaja to get so many creatures?

  8. @Frieda,
    Thanks for the wishes. Hope that I get some snaps to share with you all :D

    Thanks for the comment and for the wishes machan.

    Thanks for the comment.

    Hehe! Ya, don’t know why they gave that ugly a name for this beautiful bird …

    No Patali, I didn’t stay there for days to capture all this creatures. I was there for 8-10 hours I guess :D. Sinharaja is an amazing place and I have missed to photograph so many other critters as well.

    PS: If you have any plans to visit there I’m more than happy to join with you ;)