Wish You A Colourful New Year 2011!

adjust your monitor brightness and contrast to see all gray scale levels for better view   [Sri Lanka Blue Magpie/ Urocissa Ornata - Endemic to Sri Lanka]
   Location : Sinharaja Forest Reserve


  1. Wsihing you the same,Anjana!
    Beautiful blue magpie!

  2. Beautiful!
    Happy New Year, Anjana!

  3. Thanks for the wishes everyone …

  4. How beautiful! My eyes have not been lucky yet to spot one these yet. Wish you a very happy new year,mate!

  5. Thanks Amila,

    I should thank our guide for that. He did a birdcall and it worked :D

  6. What a beauty!
    Happy New Year to you - I'm looking forward to see many colourful pictures taken by you :)

  7. Wsihing you the same, machan!
    Super capture of the blue magpie!

  8. wonderful as always !
    this is sri lanka Kahibella...could have done with a better name though and maybe thats why he is in hiding :D
    actually how many days did you stay in Sinharaja to get so many creatures?

  9. @Frieda,
    Thanks for the wishes. Hope that I get some snaps to share with you all :D

    Thanks for the comment and for the wishes machan.

    Thanks for the comment.

    Hehe! Ya, don’t know why they gave that ugly a name for this beautiful bird …

    No Patali, I didn’t stay there for days to capture all this creatures. I was there for 8-10 hours I guess :D. Sinharaja is an amazing place and I have missed to photograph so many other critters as well.

    PS: If you have any plans to visit there I’m more than happy to join with you ;)