Drive Carefully!

  My heartiest thanks to Mr. Kirigalpoththa for organizing the hike =D
   Location : Lower Ohiya - Sri Lanka


  1. This has come up very well! Waiting to see more :D

    Hope little Vethmi had a good time too.

  2. i envy!
    Looks like some place in kerala(my state in India).Awaiting more pics from the trip...

  3. This is Haldummulla, halatuthenna. The road towards the bambarakanda falls and Devil's Staircase. Am I correct? If it is the place, there is a off-road bike-track down their :-)

  4. Thanks for your lovely comments all!

    Thanks, but I think I need more practice in landscape photography.

    She sure did! You saw how thrilled she was right? =D

    Yes, there are some similarities with Kerala and Sri Lanka. I have seen lots of pictures of Kerala (I have tons of friends from there too . Even we get appam /idiappam and wada in Sri Lanka, only difference is we call it appa , idiappa and wade here … =D

    No machan, this is the road leads you to Worlds End Lodge. After you turned from Kalupahana junction at Haputhale (A4 rd). I think Kirigalpoththa can confirm on this =D

    Dreams can come true! Please contact Mr. Kirigalpoththa …. lol

  5. Hi anjana,
    I didn't know we r so similar.i thought kerala was the only place in the world where appam and idiappam are available!! tons of mallu friends??tired of mallus? :-)

  6. I don't remember a place like this. but then again, I didn't have a chance to go to worlds end after I got my camera lol

    you should really visit lipton's seat and adisham bungalow, if you haven't already. it's pretty amazing.

  7. Beautiful! I'm waiting for more pictures from your excursion, too...
    I wish I could have been there, too :)

  8. Anjana/Vanni,
    This is not the road to Bamabarakanda Falls / Ohiya starting at Kalupahana junction. But this road meets A4 at a point further 3-4km towards Haldummulla, (but before the bazaar). I think it is known as Walhaputhenna,Haldummulla. This road leads you up to world’s End Lodge of Meeriyatenna, Lower Ohiya (Pahala Ohiya). Also the same road takes a round trip through the village (Weerakongama) and joins the road to Bamabarakanda Falls.

    Halatutenna Road is further towards Haldummulla and you have to take a right turn while traveling towards Haputhale. But of course from this point you can see most of the area of Haldummulla and beyond..

  9. @Ninz,
    So now you know it .. :D no I never get tired with friends ;)

    That’s what I told you, we cannot throw away the kit lenses in this part of the world. It came pretty handy at this time for me =D
    Cool! thanks for the info bro!

    Thanks for your comment.

    Thanks for your comment. hope you gonna like the rest of the photos of the hike.

    Ohh, shame on me …lol

    Even after visiting the place still I cannot remember anything …. hehe