Go Awayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!


 [Demalichcha / Yellow-billed Babbler / Turdoides Affinis]


  1. ha ha!thanks for translating bird language ;-)
    Hey,how did u make the background white?

    ot: is it true that you r not supposed to dry your clothes outside during the world cup? :-)

  2. that's one wild demalichcha !
    this is the first time i got to aprreciate their blue grey eyes :)

  3. Great expression! BTW,how's the weather over there? It was all Jimmy Cliff over here today,though my photo attempts sucked! :-)

  4. Thanks for the comments MD, Silent and Amila

    Hehe! Yes, it’s always nice to know the bird language. That’s our next door house :)

    I was like what da???? lol. Anyway it’s on the news, but don’t know whether they have really imposed it or not. ;)

    @Silent pirate,
    Good to know that :D

    If that Jimmy Cliff means the sunny weather, yeah we got it too .. :D

    Why? What went wrong with your photo attempts?

  5. What a great capture. That bird looks really annoyed!
    What world cup is taking place right now?

  6. Very irritated Demalichcha. Nice close up.

  7. Thanks for the comments Frieda and K,

    This is a good example of what happened to the poor celebrities when paparazzi are around. This bird was eating something and he didn’t look annoyed at all, but I gave it a totally different meaning … :D

    It’s the “Cricket world cup”. Don’t know whether you have heard about it before (there’s a game like that:) For us Cricket is something like Soccer to you guys.

    To know more about Cricket click here.

    To know about the Cricket world cup click here.

  8. Thank you for the info, Anjana, as you supposed we don't really know about this sport. ;)

  9. since I started on photography, I never get tired of seeing them nor am I annoyed by their chirpy voice lol great close-up.

  10. @Frieda,
    You are welcome!

    Cricket is one interesting game for sure (specially the one day format of it). Just check few videos in “youtube”, you might gonna like it too :D

    Thanks for the comment,

    Yep, same here ;)