Hey, Is That You??


 From the moment he stopped and gave me this look, I knew he knows me. Could he be one of my long lost cousins? :O

   [Meeharaka/ Buffalo]


  1. "Could he be one of my long lost cousins? :O"


  2. Oh yeah,there's a distinct hint of recognition on his face!

  3. maybe it's thinking of one of joey's lines..'how you doin???' :P

  4. ...Ah! You've come to disturb us with your camera again??

  5. Which cousin? the one lives in Piliyandala?

  6. Thank you all for your wonderful comments :D

    To tell ya, he just stood there like 5-10 mins without moving a muscle. I was bit scared after a while, whether he’s gonna charge me after all the thinking ;)

    Don’t laugh I’m serious here …. :P

    Finally got the link to your blog! Cos most of the followers I have here doesn’t have the link to their own blog :(

    Hehe, really? Then for sure he’s one of my cousins … :D

    Exactly! That’s what I said; I feel I’m connected in some way …. LOL

    @puthajjana girl,
    May be, but I think there’s something way too serious in that took. :D

    Not really, MD. This is the first time that I visited there. (ahh, may be you are right. I’m not the only person with a cam ha? lol)

    No bro, not he!

    I know where you are going now. LOL (card ekak Gahanna neda yanne yaluwata? hehe)

  7. :-) :-) :-)
    What a capture. There really seems to be some recognition in his face (but he also looks a little bit annoyed...)

  8. Thanks for the comment Frieda,

    I think he’s bit frustrated by seen someone look-alike… lol

  9. hehe did you notice that one of his horns is slightly pointed upwards and the other; downwards? Basic Principles of Genetics - Mendel's Theory :D

  10. I love the DOF in the picture, keeping the FG and the subject in focus and the bg out is really good thinking...

    it looks little annoyed :)

  11. Hi, Is he looking you? It is natural.

  12. @Jayaruwan,
    Yes, I noticed it. Thanks for reminding me about the theory ;)

    Welcome to my blog!

    Thanks for your wonderful feedback and I’m glad that you liked it.

    Yes, it is …lol

    Welcome to my blog!

    Yes, he was looking at me. Even I guessed its natural too .. :D

  13. Looks too intelligent to be the alleged cousin ! :P

  14. What a nice portrait :) Don't tell me this is some where around Diyawannawa :)