In The Middle


The mountain in the middle, that’s our guy .. :)
   Location : Lower Ohiya - Sri Lanka


Fabulous! Yep the mountain in the middle! That is the one we climbed..It looks like grass on the top from this distance, but it was covered with thick shrubs and coarse grass up to 2-3 feet.

wonderful pic !
looks like 3D ....must be becuse of the light and shadows playing on the mountains...

Take my breath away!

dream-like!!!very very very beautiful!!

Frieda said...

That' s a breathtaking view. It looks almost like an unreal scenery... Beautiful!

Shifan said...

It is like dream. I stopped on your picture for a moment.

where r u??

Frieda said...

Where are you? I'm missing your wonderful pictures!

Anjana said...

Thanks a lot for your wonderful comments and thousand apologies for not leaving a comment for this long.

@MD, Frieda,

Here I am =D

PS: I will catch up with your blogs soon. I know I have lot to catch up anyways …. ;)