Lesson #1


 If you touch the grass, DO NOT put your fingers deep into the soil! Cos your fingers will look nasty after that!


   Do this ONLY if your dad present at the scene! Because dad won’t stop you doing it and even if you get caught to mom,
   dad will get the scolding’s =D


  1. Mom's in general over-protect kids, and spoil them often by giving in to their tantrums, while dads let them explore,build confidence, and show who the authority is when necessary. Great photo and tag line Anjana.Is it your kid?

  2. Ohh man! Now we both are in the firing line (of the mom’s who are visiting my blog) …. lol

    Yep, she’s my daughter :D

    Thanks for your comment buddy!

  3. Just seeing the snap,I knew it was your daughter :-).Nature-lover's genes right?

  4. Didn't she tell you about the taste of it? :D

  5. Children like to touch everything :)
    I think I did so, too (later on I was a scout and did lots of things outdoors...)
    Cute picture and text.

  6. Thanks for your comments all!

    Yeah, maybe :D

    @ K
    For that she needs to eat it first. Maybe next time …lol

    True that!

    No wonder that you are a outdoor person then .. ;)

  7. Witty point.Thats true , but I believe sometimes kids need to touch the original earth to get answers out of their curiosity.

  8. Hi Faysal,

    Welcome to my blog!

    Yep, that’s what I meant as well. You cannot compare the lessons you learn from nature with anything else.

  9. Sweet pic ! nice to see her getting her lessons straight from mother nature herself ! no better way of learning for kids....
    how did you get this shallow depth of field ?
    I've tried with wide shutter but didnt get the same effect.

  10. Hi Silent,

    Thanks for the comment.

    I was like 6 feet away from her and the background (some plants) was like 6-10 feet behind her. Distances of the background really make the shallow of depth of field.

    Hope this helps.

  11. lol @ the topic. so true. my baby sister is very curious and my dad, me or my brother has to answer all the questions hehe.

    if I may, to answer the question on depth of field, you need to understand the 3 elements that affect DOF. aperture, subject to camera distance, subject to background distance. Depth of field extends approximately one third in front of your focus point and two thirds behind. This is the sole reason why you generally have to focus 1/3 of your frame when you are shooting landscapes, to get everything - both foreground and background - in focus. At very short distance as in this photo, the DoF will be smaller that if you were shooting a subject further away. So even if you are shooting at f/22, you will still get a very shallow DOF if you are very close to your subject. Google "depth of field calculator" and you'll find online DOF calculators and they may help you to understand this better. If you are using an iphone or an android, there are DOF applications too.

    btw, thanks for adding me on blogroll :) and I ordered the Sigma. will get it by 15th. Can't wait to try it.

    Jayaruwan -

  12. @Jayaruwan,
    Thanks for the detailed explanation mate! I’m really bad when it comes to technical stuff

    You are welcome. Ohh nice … you might have got it today then :D

  13. lol no problem.

    the lens is here. it's with my cousin now. I'm coming to colombo on 22nd to collect it. I went to Bandarawela and Badulla, came back home yesterday. too bad I didn't have my new lens to run some field tests lol.