Over The Moon To?


I was trapped in an unknown planet for a while, but now I’m back on earth again! =D


Hey,Glad ter see ya back!:) Where have you really been,mate?

sevenby3 said...

Love your blog!
Here is an unashamed plug for my blog!
A blog on Sri Lankan contemporary architecture and photography.

Shifan said...

It is a great great great picture. Nice to meet you after long time.

From: http://wwwmysrilanka.blogspot.com

Fascinating shot..Glad you are back! :)

love the caption....

Your journey back seems to have taken some time...

Maybe its not earth but the unknown planet that is the real home... :)

All the very best !

Anjana said...

Thanks all for your wonderful comments.

I was at home mate! ..lol

Welcome to my blog!

Thanks for the link and you have nice blog there too! Don’t be ashamed of doing a right thing .. ;)

Thanks for you warm welcome bro. it’s good to be back :D

Thanks mate!

Great to see a comment form you after a long time :)

Yes, I want to go back there when the right time comes … ; anyhow either way I’m home ..aren’t I??? :D

Frieda said...

You are back, wonderful!!
That's a great and clever picture.

Anjana said...

Thank you, Frieda!

It’s good to be back :)

Seems like the people of unknown planet couldn't tolerate you for long! anyway, welcome back.glad to see ur posts.

Anjana said...

hehehehe :D
thats a good one ..lol