[Wali Kikili /Sri Lankan Junglefowl/ Gallus lafayetii/Ceylon Junglefowl - Female](Endemic to Sri Lanka)
   Location : Sinharaja, Sri Lanka


Frieda said...

That's an incredible picture. You captured the movement very well. Amazing!

Shifan said...

ups... it is a great picture.

Anjana said...

Thanks for your comments Frieda and Shifan.

Gallicissa said...

Nice one.
Amazing how tame they are at Sinharaja.
I like your watermark!

You chose the best moment to click it, buddy, nice pose with one leg raised!

Anjana said...

Thanks for your comments Amila and Amila

Great! May be you can use the same then ha? I know there are so many image thief’s around your blog :D