Frogmouth Couple

   [Ceylon Frogmouth]
   Location : Sinharaja, Sri Lanka
   The Sri Lanka Frogmouth is about 23 cm long. It looks large-headed, and has a large flattened hooked bill and huge frog-like gape.



Awesome capture,bro,very artistic photo!

Frieda said...

What a great capture. It looks a bit annoyed...

Great capture!
Where have you been? chasing frogmouths ? :D
Is this a couple...if so I think the grouchy one is the female :)
Btw tell us how you captured this night pic? (it says ISO 100 and 1/30...I thought you needed a higher ISO and a slower shutter for these kind of pictures...)

never seen such a clear and artistic picture of Sri Lankan frog mouth.We have them in thattekkad bird sanctuary in kerala.yeah,tell us how u took it,plz.

Anjana said...

Thanks for your lovely comments everyone!

Good to see you back mate! how are you doing?

It should be, I think you know the

Yes, but they look prettier than I thought … :P

No, this is not a night pic. I took this around 1 p.m :D

@Patali & MD,
First of all thousand apologies for incomplete exif! I forgot to include 2 more info in it :D
Flash : On
Exposure compensation : -2

I used higher ISO and it gave too much of noise in the pic (it was just before a heavy rain and also we were deep in the forest as well). Since I was bit far away from the subject I thought to use the flash without disturbing the birds. So that’s how I managed to get a decent pic at a lower ISO and a slow shutter speed. Hope you get what I’m trying to say here …. =:D

Ahh !! I forgot to mention the pint of blood that I donated to my leech friends too … :D

Gallicissa said...

Nice capture, Anjana.
Was this taken when I met you at S'raja?

Anjana said...

Thanks Amila,

Yes, this was taken on the sameday.

Seesaw said...

wow! like a painting.

Anjana said...

Thanks for your comment Seesaw!