Hey! What's Up Bro??


Location : Home Garden, Sri Lanka


You have a calf at home? Wonderful!

nice one bro!!!

Frieda said...

That's a pretty cow. You captured its expression very well :) It looks very friendly - I almost forgot that I'm quite afraid of cows (they scared me a lot in Sulina when we went walking in the back streets...).

Looks like he's sticking his head out of my monitor!love the catch light in his left eye.btw,thanks for translating his language
:-).now pls convey to him that i said "i'm fine,thank you."

Seesaw said...

Oh! I love his hair colour ;-) Someone once told me I have cow's eyes. I see now why it's a compliment :-) pretty pic!

Anjana said...

Thanks for your lovely comments everyone!

No we don’t bro. but there are few visiting our garden once in a while.

You should visit Sri Lanka then. You will overcome your “cow phobia” in no time… lol

Ok it’s done! Even he asked me to say hi to his cousin sis ..:P

Then you must be looking very innocent too ha? :D