Alertness | Facial Expressions 1

by - Monday, August 29, 2011


 [ Rilawa / Toque Macaque / Macaca sinica - Endemic to Sri Lanka]
   Location : Kandy, Sri Lanka

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  1. Thanks for your comments!

    No he’s not! Otherwise he could have pounce on me easily

    Now you know from where all the hair styles are coming from :D

  2. Great portrait! I don't blog much these days as I've faced the average Sri Lankan man's nightmare,putting up a house!:) I'll be back soon though.

  3. you are very good at reading monkey expressions :)

    nice picture and angle !

  4. Thanks for your comments Amila & Silent,

    Ahh, that’s the reason then. Good luck with you nightmare bro! .. :D

    Even I know monkey magic….:P lol