Even I Sing For You


 Now don’t ask me to dance, ok? ;)

   Location : Kandy, Sri Lanka


:P or I'm capable of shaking the earth :)

Wish I can take photos like this!

wonderful snap!love the way the white feathers blend with the white background and the red red flower on the head...and the light on the beak.

Frieda said...

That's a great picture - and your text made me smile.
I have some similar portraits of chicken on my office walls (you know them, Valentin's work...)

Anjana said...

Thanks for your comments everyone!

Or do not mess with me? lol

Sure you can :)

Glad you liked it. cos I had no time to change my cam settings for this shot.

But this is not a studio shot ;)

Harumi said...

Pretty handsome fella. =D

Anjana said...

is he? =D