Tongue Twister

by - Tuesday, September 13, 2011


[Asian Water Monitor / Kabaragoya]

   Location : Sinharaja, Sri Lanka

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  1. lovely !

    that must be what liers see when they look in the mirror :D

  2. Is it natural? Or you added colour to it?

  3. Thanks for your comments!

    Yeah! Must be =D

    Yep, it’s natural. It got this color because of the hard light (warm feeling) and the earth behind him.

  4. What a fantastic portrait. How did you get so close? And how big are these animals?

  5. I was like 8- 10 feet away from him and sitting on the very road that he came along: D

    According to “wiki” they grow up even to 3.21 meters (10.5ft). But, this one is somewhere around 4-5ft (Like most of the adult water monitors that I have seen in Sri Lanka)

  6. Never seen kabaragoya's tongue this clearly!

  7. Thanks for your comments MD & K!

    I think it’s Black (but in this pic it came dark blue with the settings) or even it could be dark blue for real (I need to check it again, if I get to see one soon :D)

    Really? :D

    It’s not an easy task to capture it, cos they won’t keep the tongue out even for a sec and even worse when you have no idea in which point he’s gonna put his tongue out. I guess my patients paid off well here =D

  8. Awesome beyond words! Especially that killer tongue, with its sleek look and beautiful blue shades.

  9. thanks Harumi,

    this is one lucky shot for sure :D