Pull The Curtains Away!

This was taken in the hike that I took with Mr. Kirigalpoththa sometimes (long) back and somehow I left without posting the rest.
   I’ll try to throw few more in with my next few posts.

   Location : Lower Ohiya - Sri Lanka


  1. What a dramatic picture.
    Very nice, I'm looking forward to the other ones...

  2. I remember this view..I was going to ask you..Pls post a few more especially ones taken at from the top of the route. Remember it was raining too so we had to take lot of precautions to keep your camera dry. .. All the more reasons to give more value to the pictures.

  3. The curtains of sadness is parted to reveal the sunlight of hope and warmth of heart....
    May the same be in reality !

  4. Wow.. the contrast is superb. Beautiful yet simple silhouetted skyline against a cloudy gloomy sky.

    Must have been an exciting experience, hiking when it's just about to rain, especially with those storm clouds gathering.

  5. Great capture,
    I see several layers of curtains being pulled away to reveal a clear blue sky...