You See Me, You See Me NOT!


Location : Home Garden, Sri Lanka


Frieda said...

What a wonderful composition.
The bird really looks like a child trying to hide away...

that's funny!!hey,i've been typing comments,but when i click 'post comment' it says abt some error.hope today i'll be lucky.

Nice Capture,

Visit my blog and you will see how this particular bird posture will look when viewed from the front :D

Its cleaning the underside of its wing !

Harumi said...

That's cute! Is it a babbler? Looks like it's playing hide and seek and is about to say 'ready or not, here I come!' =D

Shifan said...

Wonderful. You have done a perfect job.

Anjana said...

Thanks for your comments, everyone!

Yes, maybe blogger new version is the culprit :D

What a coincidence :)

Welcome back! It’s so nice to see you here =D

It is not 'Hide and seek' but 'Guess who am I'?

Anjana said...

ahh yes :D


Anjana said...

Thanks Bliss :)