Solitary life

Location : Dehiwala, Sri Lanka


  1. Thanks for your comments!

    miss you always ... ;)

    vanish????? who me????????

  2. You are back! With a fish portrait (scary one...). I took a portrait of a fish, too (in the Polaria in Tromso) - one day I'll post it, too

  3. Sorry, I just observed that I got confused and wrote my comment under the wrong picture (sorry!!).
    This is a lovely composition, too...

  4. Where have all the birds gone?

    Fine blend of green and black with shadows, builds a good contrast. Feel sorry for the poor bird. Was it the only one in that aviary?

  5. Thanks for your comments everyone!

    No worries and sorry for the confusion made by the new layout! :) I have taken quite a few Fish pictures and have posted them earlier in the blog (you can see them in the archive)

    I'm looking forward to see your fish portraits!

    No! There was small flock, but this is the only one who was in the water at that time.

    Btw this place is a part of the Zoo and these birds are not captives.

  6. Water? Just noticed that wasn't a turf.

    And it must be nice to live in a zoo and still be free.