It's About Time

Common Tailorbird/ Orthotomus sutorius
Location : Home Garden - Sri Lanka


Nice to see you back :)
Cute birdie... what type is it? felt that there's something missing...tail? or is this a chick?

Frieda said...

You are back :) That's wonderful - as your portrait of this lovely bird.

Anjana said...

Thanks for your comments Silent & Frieda.

Yes I’m back, but don’t know for how long … :D

It’s a baby common Tailor-bird and I think this is the first time that he came out from its nest. You can see a fully grown up one

Good to see you posting again Anjana. The baby birdie is such a cutie! Beautiful capture as usual and splendid detail too!

Welcome back :)

Anjana said...

Thanks Harshi & Paresh!

Good to be back :)

As always I took several shots and finally one came out with the details. This birdie is so tiny, almost like a half of the size that you see in this picture.

Oh man,what a beauty!

from ur home garden??really??

Really? That's great. The quality's superb. Are you using a DSLR camera?

Anjana said...

Thanks for your comments all!

@MD -
Yes, I'm sure you have enough birds around your house. :D

@Harshi -
Yep, I have take each and every pic in this blog using my humble cam Canon EOS 400D