I Am Innocent

Until someone pissed me off!

Indian cobra /Spectacled Cobra/Naja naja
Location : Kandalama, Sri Lanka



Anjana said...

Thanks for your comment, Paresh!

Quick question :) How do you guys find this new layout? or do you guys prefer the previous one?

I can't access this on my phone :(

Hey, i came to your blog after long time. Like the new layout. Well i see you got some new captures. Love your pictures and captions for them...

Frieda said...

This is an incredible capture. I would have been too scared to take it...
I like the new layout.

Blue Lotus said...

Came here for the first time through'Biodiversity of Sri Lanka'. Your pictures are fascinating. Did the cobra pose for you? ha,ha! Otherwise how could u take this close shot? I too like photography though I don't have a good camera for the moment. I am visiting photography blogs and try to learn form them. I like the new look and mine to was converted to this template but others commented on the difficulty of finding buttons and I went back to an easier theme. but this look is highly suitable for a photo blog. As u say it gives a more clean look and has the ability to attract more visitors.

o my ! scary.be safe,anjana.dont be too adventurous.i like the old layout better.the picture size is less in this layout :-(

Anjana said...

Thanks for your wonderful comments everyone!

@Paresh – Oh, is it? Let me have a look on that.

@Dasun – Thanks bro!

@Frieda – Great! You don’t have to be scared as long as you are far away from it :)

@Blue Lotus – A warm welcome to my blog! Yes, it did give a pose for me (in fact for us). This one we found in the Kandalama hotel Eco Park and as per the keeper he was there until they find a suitable place to release him.

@md – don’t worry buddy, I always use my telephoto lens to reach these kind :P. ohh sorry :( let me try to work with the layout a bit to see whether I can change the image size here.

wow, it's been a while since i've been around the blog-sphere. Love the pictures, what a collection!

Anjana said...

Great to see you back Bliss! :D

Yes, Even I was away from blogging for awhile. But the good news is that everyone is gradually getting back with their blogs.

Splendid photo and a spine-chilling one at that! Also wish the cobra was facing the cam, so we could have seen his expression too - whether he's pissed or not. :D


Let me check with that ... LOL