My Head Is On Fire . . .


Camera Model Name : Canon EOS 400D DIGITAL | Tv(Shutter Speed) : 1/60Sec. | Av(Aperture Value) : F5.6 | Metering Modes : Evaluative metering | Exposure Compensation : -2/3 | ISO Speed : 400 | Lens : EF70-300mm f/4-5.6 IS USM | Focal Length : 300 mm


  1. Very colourful and beautiful. As I don't know any photography, I can't comment on the shot. I too have photographed that lizard so many times, but each time the photo looked very pale and dull. I used a canon zoom camera(second hand).but it's not working now. Can u recommend me a good camera please? Some say that canon cameras do not work well and tend to malfunction in hot weather.

  2. Wow.. what a beauty! Details are very clear and the colors are stunningly vivid, especially that bright red against the green hues, dark and light.

    BTW can you add the brief details of your photo, like the type of camera, lenses, etc. (think you used to have them long ago) and if it looks a bit too techy, you can put the details inside a hidden layer or something which can be clicked and expanded by those who are only interested in knowing more details. It's just a suggestion. :)

  3. wooow . .. what a colorful creature . . superb capture bro . .

  4. Thanks for your lovely comments everyone!

    FYI, Size of this guy’s head is not even 2cm I guess. He’s that’s small not as this big as it appears in the picture

    Blue Lotus,
    I use a Canon 400D (quite old and now you can find few more nice entries after this one) which is an entry level DSLR cam with Canon 70-300mm IS USM lens. Just drop me a mail (hope you don’t mind) at and also let me know your idea of the camera that you would like to have. Then I can check and let you know.

    Ya sure! I will add the exif for all the pics hereon (again) :D

  5. Thanks a lot Anjana, that's a lot of details by the way. I'm still new to some of the jargons here, so got to keep reading more tutorials. :D

    PS: didn't know that lizard was so small, with all that wonderful colors on it.

  6. What a fantastic capture (colorful and expressive)!!

  7. Harshi,
    There's nothing much. Its all basic :)


  8. That's one hot-headed lizard,what a crisp macro!