Butterfly Army

Can anyone give me the identity of these guys?

Location : Wilpattu National Park - Sri Lanka
Date(s): 15th-17th March 2013

Camera Model Name : Canon EOS 400D DIGITAL | Tv(Shutter Speed) : 1/1250Sec. | Av(Aperture Value) : F5.6 | Metering Modes : Evaluative metering | Exposure Compensation : -1/3 | ISO Speed : 400 | Lens : EF70-300mm f/4-5.6 IS USM | Focal Length : 300mm


  1. I think they are having a conference!

  2. That really is an army! Sorry,no clue of the Id, brother.

  3. Thanks for your comments Blue Lotus and Amila!

  4. Hi! There, I was browsing on some blogs came across your interesting blog.
    Honestly I must say almost all the pictures are mesmerizing. Well, I am keen to further improve my basic skills to the next step. Please stop wondering "what basic skills"..... its just travel post and click..... the usual travel pictures. Its a hobby but i want to do/learn more with it. It would be a great pleasure opportunity if you can teach and guide on how you take such pictures that are now part of my backgrounds. And yes.... the cobra picture i must say..... OMG.

  5. Welcome to my blog Siva!

    Thanks for your encouraging words. This is my hobby and all I haven't done any photography courses or anything as such. I will love to share my two pens of knowledge with you. So please be feel free to drop me a line.