Stupid bird

You just scare the hell out of me …

[Sri Lankan leopard / Panthera pardus kotiya]
Note: The Sri Lankan leopard is a leopard subspecies native to Sri Lanka. Classified as Endangered by IUCN - wiki
Location : Wilpattu National Park - Sri Lanka
Date(s): 15th-17th March 2013

Camera Model Name : Canon EOS 400D DIGITAL | Tv(Shutter Speed) : 1/800Sec. | Av(Aperture Value) : F7.1 | Metering Modes : Evaluative metering | Exposure Compensation : -1 | ISO Speed : 400 | Lens : EF70-300mm f/4-5.6 IS USM | Focal Length : 300mm


  1. Oh, my, the way he looks! What a nice capture. A very unusual pose for a tiger. Why is the image of the bird blurred?

  2. What a fantastic picture...
    And I like the extra dynamics brought by the bird

  3. Thanks for your comments everyone! (So sorry for the late reply :)

    Blue Lotus,
    It's because, focus was on the leopard and this bird was flying close to the cam(me). Actually leopard didn't look at this bird as it captured in the pic. It just flew across while I press the button.

  4. Hi! Again, what i like most about photography is "black and White" picture. This leopard stands out majestic and sexy look indeed. I am not keen on scenic views but always preferred people related pictures but trust me this leopard qualifies big time. Would love to have an opportunity to learn with you.

  5. Thanks for your lovely comment Siva,

    Please do drop a mail to and I'm more than happy to help you.

  6. Greetings Anjana,
    Thanks for sharing ur email.
    Will certainly drop you a note on my learning needs.