Target locked ...

In wildlife photography, you get extremely lucky to get the shot that you have in your mind or you get totally disappointed. As you can see there are no trees around the vicinity and this sub adult leopard could have walked any direction in this vast space. Our jeep stopped on the available space next to the few more jeeps was at the scene before we arrive here. Unfortunately this very tree was blocking the path as the leopard was walking from left to the right of the screen towards is usual waterhole.   

All I could have wish for is that he will take a turn and walk towards the tree, so I can frame him with the tree through the only opening that I have to take a shot. As I said earlier either you get lucky or not with wildlife photography, luck turned in my way this moment :) 

Location: Yala National Park - Sri Lanka
Name: Sri Lankan leopard
Scientific name: Panthera pardus kotiya
Conservation status: Endangered (Population decreasing)