Chestnut of the day

Chestnut-backed owlet chick waiting for its mom to arrive with food at Sinharaja Forest Reserve, Sri Lanka.

Even though its a fairly common bird to Sinharaja Forest Reserve, spotting them is challenging as they always prefer to stay up in the forest canopy. We found two chicks perching on this same tree but one was hiding away from me to capture them both together.

The chestnut-backed owlet is an endemic bird found in the wet zone forests, mountains and the lowlands in Sri Lanka. It can be observed in the Kitulgala Forest Reserve, Kanneliya National Park and also in the Sinharaja Rain Forest.

Location :  Sinharaja Forest Reserve - Sri Lanka
Name: Chestnut-backed owlet
Endemism : Endemic resident breeder in Sri Lanka
Scientific name : Glaucidium castanotum
Conservation status: Near Threatened (Population decreasing)

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