When the luck strikes you

Few months old Sri Lankan leopard cub photographed at Yala national park. 

As we were in the morning game drive, we spotted a female leopard on a tree top but didn't get a clear view of the leopard to take any decent photographs. After few minutes of observation we noticed that she is getting down from the tree and walked around the bushes that were 10-15 meters behind us.  We got our jeep revered slowly to see where she has gone and to our surprise this few months old cub was hiding in the thicket very close to the road that we came from. We had the chance to spend few minutes with this cub before it ran toward to it's mother who was behind the bushes that we had no luck of seen that day.

It is difficult to photograph leopard  cubs out in the open as they always hide under the thicket for protection.

Location : Yala National Park - Sri Lanka
Name : Sri Lankan leopard
Scientific name: Panthera pardus kotiya
Conservation status: Endangered (Population decreasing)

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