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One of the most rarest sightings that you can have in Horton Plains National Park - Sri Lanka. In fact this is my first ever encounter of Hotron plain leopards and to photograph it. Mesmerizing greenery and the always gloomy surrounding added extra vibrant to this shot as I believe. 

Why its hard task to spot leopards in Horton Plains National Park ? It's mainly due to two reasons, 

1) Habitat - Lush tall green grass for any animal can easy hide
2) Access - Horton Plains consist of one main route that connect two ends of the park. Also no one is allowed wander off the road to any other areas of the park. (These strict rules are to protect the wildlife and it habitats) 

In a vast plain that spread miles and miles with beautiful mountains that covers with tall grass and bushy type trees, misty weather, with no access to all the parts on the park and you have to use the main road to scan the area around,  but yet spotting this elusive predator is always memorable feeling for anyone.

Location :  Horton Plains National Park - Sri Lanka
Name : Sri Lankan leopard
Scientific name: Panthera pardus kotiya
Conservation status: Endangered (Population decreasing)
Date of Photograph : 16th June 2020

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