Rhino-horned lizard

One of the rarest / extremely difficult to spot, yet amazingly beautiful lizards found in the paradise isle of Sri Lanka. Sri Lankan Rhino-horned lizard can only be found in the tropical lowland and mountain cloud forests of Sri Lanka. After scouting about 10-20 mins we finally managed to spot our first Rhino-horned lizard in Horton Plains National Park. To our surprise then we noticed that there were around 4-5 lizards right in frond of us but we didn't spot them until we see the first one and our eyes were adjusted to the colour pattern of this amazing creature. I must say they are the masters of camouflage :)

Location :   Horton Plains National Park - Sri Lanka
Name: Rhino-horned lizard / kagamuva angkatussa / කගමුව අං කටුස්සා.
Endemism : Endemic to Sri Lanka
Scientific name :  Rhino-horned lizard

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